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We are award-winning specialists in procuring land and development opportunities across the UK.
About us

What Makes Atlas Land & Planning Different?

With our wealth of knowledge and experience across numerous sectors, we pride ourselves on the way we have redefined the process of delivering land to the industry.

We source land on behalf of our clients and can offer planning consultancy and development finance and funding. The benefit of our wider group allows us to also access funding, tax advice and valuations for our clients.

We also pride ourselves on working closely with our clients, many of whom we have been working with for years. We have experience working with a variety of clients from National House Builders to smaller localised developers.

Team of specialists

Our team of experts can offer specialist advice on every step of the development and planning process, including on the disposal of sites, whilst always looking to maximise the value.

Client focused

We work closely with our clients, placing their needs at the forefront and offering them a personalised and bespoke service.

Highly experienced

We have experience working with a variety of clients from smaller developers through to National House Builders, PLC Organisations and National Registered Providers of affordable housing.

How we work

Who are we

Meet our team of specialists that can offer expert advice throughout every stage of land disposal and development planning.

At Atlas Land & Planning, we have a strong and experienced team that provide a highly expert service, specialising in residential land, commercial opportunities, mixed use development, strategic land, forestry, affordable housing, care homes and retirement villages and student accommodation.

Our team has experience ranging from reviewing sites and suggesting the best size, mix, specification, and layout for maximising revenues, enabling our client to arrive at a suggested land value.

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Our Services

What We Do

Land Sourcing & Site Acquisition & Disposal

We can help source land and acquire suitable sites for residential and commercial developers across a wide range of sectors.

Development & Planning Consultancy

We are experts in development planning and providing advice on the most effective way of realising consents.

Development Finance & Funding Advice

We can help suggest the most suitable finance option on projects and assist with procuring the most competitive funding.

Frequently asked questions

How can we help you?

What is a subject to planning offer?


A STP offer is when the purchaser or developer will prepare and pay for the application, surveys and general costs of the planning application and purchase the site once a satisfactory plan has been issues. In return, the land owner will allow them an agreed amount of time to complete this process.

How much does it cost to sell my site through Atlas?


Nothing, unless agreed in advance we are fully retained by our developer clients and they pay our fee – which is always over and above the land value.

What locations do Atlas cover?


Our strength is across the East and West Midlands and the South of England, but we have relationships with national developers so are happy to look at any UK based opportunities.

What type of land will Atlas market?


We will look at most opportunities and give honest feedback. This includes residential and commercial land, with or without planning, mixed use developments, conversions, permitted development (PD) schemes and strategic. We can then advise the best way of maximising the value of the land and assist with its disposal.

How will my land be marketed?


We will only present the site to trusted developers clients on an off-market basis.

The benefits

Why Atlas land & planning?

Experienced team of specialists

Our team of experts are highly experienced in land sourcing and site acquisition, development and planning consultancy and development finance and funding.

Personalised & bespoke service

We work very closely with our clients to offer tailored services to meet our clients’ requirements at every stage of the development process and can also work on an off-market basis.

Holistic & streamlined service

We are part of ARMCO – a collaboration that allows us to offer additional solutions to meet requirements all in one place, for a streamlined client experience.


Hear From Our Clients

Seamless transaction

Nothing but positive things to say about Phil and the ARMCo group. I recently completed on a site through Atlas and every transaction has gone as smoothly as it possibly could with minimum delays. This was mainly down to the relationship and trust that had been built between Atlas and the landowner.

Rupert Parkin – Piper Homes

Reliable, knowledge & efficient

Having worked with Phil & the group for several years, I would be happy to recommend Atlas to anyone. They have provided me with numerous development opportunities, all of which were purchased quickly and smoothly, the knowledge that Phil demonstrates is refreshing and the supporting services within the group add value at every stage of the transaction.”

Rosey Cassidy – Newmanrose

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